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NDIS support & expertise.

Establishing and managing your NDIS plan is about empowering you and your family to live your best life. Arabon Care is here to support you in making the best choices to maximise your NDIS plan and achieve your goals. 

At Arabon Care we get to know you, and match our level of support to your unique requirements. We will walk beside you through every step of your NDIS pathway, or empower you to independently self-manage your plan. The choice is yours. Let our trusted and experienced Planning and Support Consultants, and financial managers care for you and your NDIS plan – partnering with you on this life-changing opportunity.

Arabon Care is a registered NDIS provider.


There are many registered providers providing support coordination and plan management in addition to delivery of their core disability services. As a result, you may feel like your choice and control is limited or you are unable to effectively resolve any issues in the care you receive.

Arabon Care has been setup independent of these disability support providers to ensure you receive transparent advice that enables choice and control in managing your supports. In addition, by using Arabon Care you have the flexibility to engage any service provider you choose rather then being restricted to the registered providers allowed on an NDIA managed plan.

Our team of advisers and consultants is big enough to provide you with the depth of skills and experience you expect from a larger provider yet small enough to ensure you receive a caring and personal experience.




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Support Coordination.

Caring for your NDIS supports for sustained meaningful outcomes.


Transitioning to the NDIS can feel overwhelming. If you are feeling lost or unsure, contact us for an obligation free introductory meeting. Our Support Coordinators learn about your life and goals to identify support outcomes that empower you and your family to live your best life.

If required, we can then assist or fully manage your Access Request Form, prepare a budget and plan pack for your NDIA planning session, or attend your planning session with you. Our genuine care for your family’s needs, our in-depth knowledge of the NDIS process, and our financial management expertise will ensure we maximise the opportunities available through the NDIS. We can offer as much or as little support as you need. The choice is yours.


Arabon Care enables you to have the flexibility provided by the NDIS without the administrative burden. We can take away the time consuming aspects of managing your plan – identifying providers, monitoring effectiveness, obtaining feedback, and implementing support improvements. Leave us to care for your NDIS plan, while you focus on achieving your goals.


$57.71 per HOUR

Ongoing assistance with selecting providers and developing services agreements.


$94.06 per HOUR

Training in planning and plan management for participants unable to do this independently but who could do all or part of the task with training.


$94.06 PER HOUR

Ongoing assistance with selecting providers and developing service agreements.

We will provide continuous coordination and monitoring of your supports through regular liaison with you and your providers including resolving any points of crisis.

*All support coordination fees are GST free provided the service is included in your NDIS plan.
^ Additional fees may apply where specialist support is required due to high risks in your situation.


"Any communication is backed up by many years of experience in the field."

J & J Alcorn


Ongoing plan management.

Understanding your needs. Maximising your plan’s financial efficiency.


If you have an NDIA managed plan your choice of providers is restricted to using registered NDIS providers. This excludes a whole range of providers who may not be able or willing to register with the NDIA limiting the choice and flexibility of your plan. If you do not have the time or skills to manage your own funding then you can request Arabon Care to provide financial assistance to manage your funding of supports.

By requesting Arabon Care to manage your NDIS finances we will setup the payment arrangements with your providers, process all payments to providers on your behalf, provide you with monthly statements and claim your funding from the NDIA. As an additional benefit we will work with you to build your financial literacy and administration skills give you the choice to take over some or all aspects of your plan management.

One time setup fee - $200
Administration fee - $90 per month

*All financial administration fees are GST free provided the service is included in your NDIS plan


By partnering with Arabon Care you will have the freedom and flexibility to directly engage your own staff. Direct employment of staff gives you control over:

  1. the people who work with you;
  2. the hours they work; and
  3. the tasks that they perform.

Our payroll administration contracts provide you with the tools you need to roster your staff, approve time sheets and pay your staff on time. We will also ensure all your compliance requirements are managed including new employee forms, withholding PAYG tax, paying superannuation and and managing workers compensation insurance.

One time setup fee - $220
Administration fee - $220 per month (includes up to 5 employees per payrun)
Additional employees - $11 per month

*All payroll administration fees include GST - Conditions apply


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