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Michael's Story

Michael is living independently in his own home and enjoying overseas holidays.

Michael Flynn is 52 years of age, lives in West End, and has two university degrees. Michael also has a double leg amputation. His previous social workers were encouraging him to enter a high care nursing home with shared facilities. However, Michael knew he wanted to live independently so investigated further and came across Arabon Care. 

Michael was able to hand his NDIS plan to Arabon Care support worker Ann, who helped him navigate the myriad of options available and find the best support solutions to reach his goals. Michael’s most important goal was to live independently in his own home.

Under Michael’s NDIS plan he now receives wheelchair repair/support; travel support; prosthesis legs, boots, and special socks; and materials required to manage his amputations.

Says Michael, “Arabon Care are lovely people to deal with. A great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and my life has changed for the better.”

Since working with Arabon Care, Michael continues to live a very full life in his own home, travelling overseas in recent months.

Sally Austin